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The white lab coat is a universal symbol of the medical professional. We carry a wide variety of 100% cotton and poly/cotton blend labcoats along with Fluid Resistant labcoats. Some of our labcoats are availble in colors. 

We offer Medical and Industrial Lab Coats at afforded prices.
  • Higher Quality Lab Coats
  • Optional custom embroidery and digitizing of company logos via Eye of the Needle logo.
  • Black and colored labcoats available
  • Fluid-Resistant Labcoats

  • Men's Labcoats
    Mens 4 pocket Labcoat Mens Twill 4 pocket Coat 31" Mens Consultation Coat Mens classic Twil Labcoat
    Women's Labcoats
    TLC Cardigan Feminine Lab Coat by Baby Phat 32" Knit Cuff Women's White Lab Coat by Cherokee 32" Women's White Lab Coat by Cherokee 36" Ladies White Labcoat